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Jetson ONE – The first single-seat electric eVTOL aircraft

Jetson is a Swedish-born startup founded by Tomasz Patan and Peter Ternstrom. This company has as its main objective the design and advancement of eVTOL, electric vertical take-off and landing devices. In the last period, the company has developed the first single-seat and foldable eVTOL aircraft, known by the term Jetson ONE small.

Jetson ONE small, the first eVTOL flying vehicle The Jetson ONE small is used for short trips only and can be driven without the need for a pilot license. One of the many characteristics that distinguishes this device is the ease of the driver in piloting it. Those who drive the vehicle will have to use a lever for the acceleration phase, a joystick and pedals to monitor the movements of the aircraft itself. The body is also inspired by Formula 1 vehicles, and therefore a unique piece made of carbon fiber and other composite materials.

Main features of the aircraft in terms of safety The Jetson ONE small is an oval-shaped aircraft in order to optimize aerodynamic processes. It is composed of a completely aluminum frame where, inside, it has a lithium-ion battery, a ballistic parachute and a lidar capable of avoiding obstacles. The battery has the ability to power eight electric motors that can generate up to 120hp of power.

jetson ONE

Even if an engine goes into a fault state, the device still manages to work. The Swedish startup is working to optimize various performance of the aircraft, such as improving the autonomy of this battery which is currently approximately equal to 20 minutes of flight.

One of the main features capable of increasing and optimizing flight efficiency is LIDAR technology, or Light Detection And Ranging. It was developed in the early 60s even though it has been used since the 80s. The peculiarity of this mechanism consists in the generation of a uniform mapping of the surrounding area by means of the emission of laser beams. This allows the aircraft to avoid any obstacles that arise autonomously, without the need for command from the driver. Jetson ONE small, cost and technical characteristics Jetson flies with ONE small, further strengths of the vehicle are the dimensions that are quite contained. This is demonstrated by the mass data equal to 86 kg, which guarantees a remarkable lightness. The aircraft has a cost of 92 thousand dollars and can reach a maximum speed of 100 km / h. In addition, the Jetson can climb in altitude up to a maximum rate of 25 feet per second. The main features of Jetson ONE small.

Rules for driving the electric vehicle eADV As anticipated, the piloting of this folding single-seat aircraft is really simple. The regulation for piloting the vehicle is the same as that of ultralight boats. Therefore: obligation not to fly in fairly populated areas; ban on flying at night; obligation not to fly near airports; Once these few rules have been respected, the small multicopter is ready for take-off. Ah, last and important point, the maximum weight allowed for the driver is 95 kg, watch out for the scales! Assumptions and future goals The Swedish startup hopes to build 12 One small electric aircraft in the current year (2022). These first 12 machines have already been bought by several customers. Jetson is currently receiving a large number of requests (about double) by 2023.


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