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eVTOL – Vertical Take Off and Landing Aircrafts

EASA certification of Electric Vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft it’s still under review.

In the next years, the future will bring us surprises about eVTOL vertical take off and landing aircrafts.

The innovation and the technology behind this planes will revolutione everyhting in the aeronautical world: the passengers will find an extraordinary new way to fly.

evtol regulations

There will be a new concept of flight training: the automation and the pilots of the future will be guide through deeper and accurate concept (eVTOL Pilot training as well will change).

Please follow this site to remain always updated about new changes about eVTOL vertical and take off landing aircrafts, about eVTOL Pilot training and evtol regulations.

evtol symposium 2020
eVTOL aircraft


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